Isnt it a dream of everyone… diving/swimming with dolphins just out there in the ocean. As you could see in my top ten dive list , I consider diving with dolphins one of the absolute highlights of diving. The playfulness of those animals, their intelligence and curiousity.. Amazing!

I had the luck that pods of dolphins visited my dives already twice. My ultimate dive was a dive in 2018 with a pod of 18 dolphins staying around for about 15 minutes during the dive in Belize. Unfortunately I have no video of this one.

More recently, february 19, a smaller group just cruised by while diving in Zanzibar (Tanzania). Thanks to Adam, one of my divebuddies at that moment, I do have a video. Enjoy:

As an extra, the next day during surface interval, they were back and we jumped straight back in to snorkel with those amazing animals:

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