About myself

Me on my 200th dive in Gili T
  • Name : Thomas
  • Age 31 years old (feeling 27)
  • Capoeirista, Scubadiver and Traveller


I consider myself as a ‘holiday diver’ although I did learn to dive in Belgium around 2013 :). I kept following courses and I am now Padi divemaster certified. However, I strongly believe in experience, rather than plastic certification cards.. The most experienced diver on a specific spot should have the lead, no doubt.

I am still diving in Belgium as well, but I rather go to all kind of destinations worldwide (hence this blog), cold and/or tropical water.

Name of the blog

A bag full of stories is all that I’ve got, but I am not unhappy, oh no I am not

The name of the blog is an hommage to one of my favourite songs of ‘de heideroosje’. I thought it was quite appropriate.